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Rock Guitar Course

Go beyond basic power chords and learn to play serious rock riffs, techniques and solos. The courses include everything from finger exercises to difficult rock rhythms.

The advanced rock guitar course is for you if you already know what a power chord is and if you know how scales work. This course will show you how to play and create riffs. How to play rock style solos, using rock guitar techniques and play rock scales and rock chords.

As with any Guitar Hall course, the objective of the course is to make you a better guitar player, not to teach you a specific song or group of songs. The Guitar Hall Rock Guitar Course is no different.


While you will have the enjoyment of learning from classic rock guitar song, most of which you will instantly recognize, we do not give you the entire song. In some cases there are songs which include the solo, riffs and licks. In others, just one riff or lick might be all that is important in the song. In addition, there may be very difficult passages in a song that will be left for future volumes of higher difficulty level. Here, in this course, you will find the most important segments of tunes directed towards those players of beginning and intermediate skill playing capabilities. Notice that there are solos by Eric Johnson, Van Halen,Randy Rhoads, George Lynch, Zakk Wylde, Kirk Hammet, Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, etc which would be covered in detail in the course program.

Many guitarists learn to solo by co-opting the technical licks and riffs from their favorite players into their own playing, while adding in their own personal feel and emotion. The result of this approach is that guitarists end up knowing how to improvise in a particular style, but lack the technical understanding of why these solos work. The Guitar Hall Rock Guitar Soloing is designed to help guitarists who may have learned the technical aspects of playing, but lack the theoretical application of the musical elements that make up a strong solo. Through one -on- one training ,the course explores the technical aspects of what makes a successful solo – form scales and arpeggios and new ways to practice them, to applying them to an improvisational context.

You will learn how to identify various modal progressions and their characteristics, and how to play and think within a diatonic framework as a means of organizing your musical vocabulary. You will listen to solos from many lead guitarists and learn how to apply those concepts to your own playing. The course also explores tone, phrasing, theme, variation and other improvisational techniques. The goal of the course is to better equip you with a harmonic understanding of the elements of a solo that you can then implement into your own playing regardless of style.

By the end of the course, you will be able to improvise using pentatonic scales, arpeggios, and modes over various types of chords and chord progressions

  • construct solos more logically and methodically
  • develop your own unique style of improvisation
  • have a better understanding of chord scale relationships


Completion of the following Guitar Hall courses is strongly recommended:

Guitar Hall Module 1 :You should have basic playing experience and an understanding of pentatonic scales, major scales/modes, triads, and seventh chords.
MODULE 1: (3 MONTHS)*: 24 SESSIONS: RS. 24,000/

MODULE 2: (4 MONTHS)*: 32 SESSIONS: RS. 28,000/-

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