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MODULE 1: (6 months)*: 24 sessions: Rs.22,000/-

MODULE 1: (6 months)*: 24 sessions: Rs.22,000/-
Module 1 consists of fundamentals of music as applied to guitars. It comprises of the Guitar Primer, Grade 1, Chord formation and patterns, scales and theory and several exercises. The Guitar Primer and Grade 1 teaches you the core basics of guitar playing which involves western classical notations, timing, chord progression and ear training. The Module 1 also involves introduction to lead guitar techniques and playing songs of various genre.

Choose from the variety of programs and courses at Guitar Hall!

Guitar Hall’s guitar education takes an innovative approach to an instrument that is both deeply traditional and constantly evolving. The unique curriculum combines traditional guitar performance with cutting-edge- guitar-based technology. As a performer, you develop your guitar skills and explore a range of contemporary styles under the direction of some of Mumbai’s best working professionals.
The Guitar Hall programs have been setting the standard for contemporary guitar education for over a decade.

Under the direction of a top-class teaching staff of professional guitarist’s, you develop the techniques, musicianship, and playing experience to handle any style while you also unlock your unique playing style. Guitar Hall’s performing opportunities are unmatched by any guitar school in India.
Guitar Hall Modules are the fastest way to increase your guitar playing abilities.
Whether you are just a beginner or you already have some basic skills, we will help you to improve-dramatically.
Even if you already play at the intermediate or advanced level and you just want to refine your technique, we’ve got a program for you. Our totally ground-breaking program covers all levels of experience and expertise.

Course Overview

Guitar Courses

The Guitar Hall Modules looks at scales, chords and arpeggios. You’ll also cover the physical principles of technique and co-ordination, developing them to an advanced level for specific styles.
The Guitar Hall Syllabus explores the techniques of the less mainstream playing styles, including acoustic and electric slide playing, basic classical guitar styles and acoustic finger picking.
Rhythm Guitar Training gives you the skills to be able to lay down a great groove. This is one of the keys to pro guitar playing.
Vocabulary and Improvisation will give you the tools to be totally creative in your own right. You’ll study the approaches of the great guitar players and develop the dexterity and co-ordination needed to respond to any musical situation.

Increased Finger Speed:Wouldn’t you love to be able to play as fast as you wanted. Wouldn’t it be great if your hands never got tired? The Guitar Hall Modules are packed with speed and endurance building exercises that will have you blazing in no time.
Harmony and Theory explores the practical application of modern harmony and theory – off the page and onto the fretboard.
Aural trains you to hear with great detail and accuracy. You will study the recognition of intervals, double stops, chords, arpeggios and chord progressions.
Transcribing, arranging and Composition looks at specific arrangements to identify the mechanisms that will enable you to write your own compositions.
Notation covers all the rudiments of sight reading by breaking music down into pitch (note recognition, intervals, key signatures) and rhythm (note values, rests, time signatures).
Chart Reading gives you the tools to be able to read charts and make them come alive. The process of deconstructing music at sight is studied in detail so that you very quickly learn to interpret written music into songs and tunes.
Rhythm Section Skills is the in-depth study of the relationship between guitar, bass and drums. You’ll perform with top level musicians, concentrating on the time, feel, groove and techniques of each piece.
Live Performance Workshop (and LPW Preparation class) is your chance to put it all into practice – on stage with a full band line-up. You’ll develop your live sound in a number of different styles, concentrating also on performing, showmanship and the right mental approach.
Playing by Ear:You’ll discover ways to develop relative pitch and show you how to apply it to learning songs by ear.
Improvisation:Learn the “trick” to improvising. You’ll be able to accompany any song on the fly with great rhythm or lead phrases. You’ll never get lost while improvising with a song again.
Studio gives you direct, hands-on experience in a professional recording environment. You’ll learn how to set up your equipment, mic-ing techniques, effects processing, recording, mixing and studio awareness in the advanced Modules.
Master Classes are your chance to learn from some of the best performers in the
business. We also invite key figures from the Indian music industry to give their perspective.
Student Support is your chance to book one-to-one time with a tutor to discuss any area of the course.
Students of every Modules will receive a certificate from Guitar Hall with details and marksheet of the modules that they have achieved.


Obviously. We get right to the good stuff. We teach you how to read music. You’ll start right out holding a guitar, not a pencil.
Imagine Finally Playing Guitar at the Level You’ve Dreamed Of.
You know you’ve got it in you to be a good guitarist, right? You’ve got the talent. Now all you need is the right training.
We’ve Got Everything You Need Right Here at Guitar Hall.
All of the courses at Guitar Hall have been developed through years of research and compiled and created by established guitar expertsspecifically for Guitar Hall. You won’t find a program with this sort of depth and range anywhere else in India.
No More Frustration from Overly Academic, Paper-Pushing Courses.

Have you tried other guitar courses before? Either private or at some ‘guitar classes’, only to give up in frustration because you weren’t getting into the music fast enough?

A lot of guitar teachers out there in India are just not student friendly. A lot of them spend the first several months going over simple melodies, few scales and chords. A lot of local classes assure you that their training is great and simple, and then just teach you a few  Hindi/English songs with chords/tabs. Sight reading and music theory does not figure anywhere in their scheme of things. After that they might introduce a few more popular songs, or if you are lucky maybe a lick or two. Get the point straight: you don’t need to join any classes to learn chords, scales and songs. At Guitar Hall you are imparted intensive training in understanding the essence of music.

Our Programs and Modules Are Easy to Follow and Totally Hands On!

At Guitar Hall we don’t bore you with paper and pencil lessons. You start right out with a guitar in your hand. You would be imparted professional training all the way. Keeping the all important academic aspect of music training in mind, you will discover how to play faster and better than you could ever imagine.

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